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Endurance Training

Is Endurance Exercise Right For You?

Strength is one measure of fitness. There’s also your VO2max or the measure of oxygen consumption. And there’s also your endurance. Endurance exercise may be one of the most important levels of exercise because it impacts your body in a number of ways. So how do you measure your endurance? How do you know if […]

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Endurance Exercise

What Is Endurance Exercise?

There are many ways to improve your health and fitness. You might do strength training to improve your muscle strength and bone density. You may also perform mobility exercises to increase your range of motion, decrease pain, and improve flexibility. Another type of training is called Endurance Exercise. Endurance Exercise is commonly used to strengthen […]

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Core Strength

The Importance of Core Strength

Many of us are well accustomed to the development of the glory muscles. Muscles like the chest, shoulders, quads and glutes will always get special attention in the gym – but how many people train for core strength correctly? Yes, you see others doing simple exercises like leg raises and crunches to work their “abs,” […]

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Bigger, Broader Shoulders

4 Steps to Bigger, Broader Shoulders

We have all seen the person with massive shoulders walking down the street. Heads are turning their way, jaws are dropping in awe, people are taking notice of the individual with the bigger, broader shoulders. Chances are, such a guy may have had to walk through a door sideways, smiling knowingly that they are grabbing […]

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