At Paragon Conditioning, we to encourage our clients to be consistent with their exercise. That means we promote multiple face-to-face sessions at a significantly reduced rate. So how did we come up with our rate?
In the interest of building a strong and stable client base, we don’t want to reach above our means where pricing is concerned, so we looked at the average charge rate of personal trainers as a guide.
Though it is a very loose figure, The Australian Institute Of Personal Trainers (AIPT), claims that a general PT in Australia will charge between $40 and $90 per session (, 2019), while the cost guide website OneFlare claims the range to be $45-$88, “with the median cost ranging from $50-$80 across Australia” (, 2019). With this information we come to a fairly consistent conclusion.

Our 1 Session per week program Silver Membership sits in the middle of the range while benefitting from additional bonuses that bring its appraisal up to a state that screams value for money.

Our 2-3 sessions per week Gold Membership bundle provides a choice between 2 $60 sessions or 3 $40 sessions, which provides incredible value that sits below the minimum of our median cost range as discussed earlier.
Our 4+ session Platinum Membership bundle however is where we hit a rate that causes other PT’s to dislike us. For our clients who really want to push their training up a notch in every session, training 6 times per week for example places your rate at $33.33 PLUS access to all the same bonuses as the previous package.

Still on the Fence?

Let tell you more about our bonuses!
Personalised program: as mentioned before we try to encourage consistency within our clients, therefore even when our client wants only 1 session per week, we will provide a training program for the other days that they can use to exercise without the need of a trainer.

We will ask:

  • How many times you wish to train per-week?
  • What are you looking to improve in those training sessions?
  • Do you have any preferences in regards to specific exercises, intensities etc?

With the information we gather an exercise split can be created to ensure that we cover all bases while allowing enough time for recovery.

As an example lets say that a client requests a 2 day program. We could approach this with 2 full body workouts, 1 upper body and 1 lower body. What if the client would just like to concentrate on cardio training? We could schedule one quick high intensity session and one slow steady state session. What if you just want to train legs? We could schedule a lower body push day followed by a lower body pull day or 2 separate full lower body days. The variation in training is huge and can entirely fit your preferences.

Full Contact Information: you will be tethered to your trainers contacts, any second our trainers have free will be spent first and foremost answering questions and giving advice to our clients, tweaking their sessions and checking up on diet and exercise changes. There can be a constant stream of communication throughout the day, or none at all… The choice lies with you.

Generalised Diet Advice: While a Personal Trainer is not qualified to give out definitive diet plans, they do possess some knowledge in that area. Advice regarding macronutrients, good meal choices and habitual eating is provided to all our clients, coinciding with our full contact information.

Now It’s Up To You