Volume Accumulation Program


Paragon Conditioning caters for everyone from complete beginners to competitive athletes and we apply step-by-step learning which culminates into fast and injury free progression.

Through proven results and happy customers, Paragon Conditioning strives to build a small community of people who share a common purpose to embody their goals and enrich their lives through the countless benefits of exercise.

Each of our face-to-face clients will receive a free specified training program to go along with your sessions, this is in order to encourage consistent exercise without having to pay for multiple sessions per week and makes the value of our services far exceed that of most competing services.

In addition to this program, all of Paragon Conditionings clients receive access to their coaches where they may ask any and all questions regarding their training.

Go to Book A Session to view our current pricing rates for the service packages that we offer. If you wish to negotiate a custom package, simply send us a message via our Contact page and we will get back to you promptly.

For any further questions or business enquires we look forward to your contact.

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